Balanced Physical Therapy



Providing Specialized Care in following:

  • VIRTUAL or In Person Appointment:
  • Email: [email protected]
  • (Facebook: PageBaker
  • Ig: BakerPage)
  • Licensed Physical Therapy
  • Licensed Massage Therapy
  • Outpatient Physical Therapy
  • Gait Training
  • Joint mobilization
  • Manual Stretches
  • Strengthening
  • Prevention, Education, and Home Exercises
  • Shiatsu/ Acupressure
  • Reflexology
  • Medical and Sports Massage
  • Butler Neural Mobilization
  • Assisted Device Assessment
  • Dyspareurnia/ Incontinence

Treat Conditions:

Pain, spasm, sprains, strains, stabilization, post surgery rehabilitation, tendonitis, whiplash, sports injuries, neuropathies, weakness, muscle imbalances, stretching and Yoga, balance impairment, Osteoporosis prevention, back pain, stenosis, herniated discs, neck pain, whiplash, frozen shoulder, rotator cuff injuries, shoulder impingement, tennis and golf elbow, hip pain, knee pain, ankle pain, hand and toe joint injuries, and headaches.